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A stillness community for the talented and beatuful actress/musician Demi Lovato.

you had your shot:

Welcome to demi_stillness;
this is an icon challenge community dedicated to the amazing Disney star Demi Lovato!

Communitie is run by swishy_13 (Maegan) & breighan (Breighan).


1. To enter a challenge you must be a member of the community, so add us now!.
2. Animations are not allowed, that's why it's called a stillness community.
3. All icons must meet Livejournal standards; icons must be 100x100 pixels, under 40KB, & in .png, .jpg, or .gif format.
4. You must use the pictures provided for each challenge.
5. Brushes, textures, text, ect. IS allowed.
6. Blending of only the images provided is okay.
7. Up to THREE icons can be entered per challenge.
8. You may not vote for your self, that's low.
9. You may not tell others to vote for you.
10. Icons entered may not be publicly posted any where till after the challenge is over, then they are all yours.


>New challenges will be posted on Tuesdays, and your icons will be due on the following Wednesday (rough schedule).
>To enter you must comment the challenge entry with the icon and it's url.
>Comments on these entries WILL BE SCREENED, no cheating for you guys!
>If you don't follow the submission rules, we may give you one more chance to get it right, since we know mistakes happen, but after we give you one warning, if they re still not fixed by voting time, your entries will not be excepted.
>Submissions should look as so:



>Voting will be posted on Wednesday, the same day of the deadline.
>Each week, there will also be a special category, like best crop or best coloring in which one person will win. There will also be Mod's Choice for both mods.
>Banners will be posted within one week after the results are announced.


If you would like to be affiliated with this community, please comment on this entry. If anyone has any suggestions for the community, feel free to leave a comment at that same entry.